Concerned about animal testing in your cosmetics?

Concerned about animal testing in your cosmetics?

If you think you can buy cosmetics in good faith since the ban on testing toiletries and cosmetics on animals came into place in the UK and the EU in March 2009, think again: loopholes mean the ban can be sidestepped.

The ban was made in stages and should come into full force in March 2013, but that date now appears to be threatened and animal testing will still be possible on products and ingredients sourced and manufactured outside of the EU. These tests in the name of beauty can include reproductive toxicity tests to see what doses will produce malformed baby rabbits; 28 and 90 days of forced feeding experiments; carcinogenicity tests in which high doses of cosmetic ingredients are used to see if cancer will develop; and skin sensitisation, which involves injecting chemicals to provoke painful allergic reactions.

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