Fancy a cuppa?

Fancy a cuppa?

If you are fed up of lustreless locks, brighten them up with a cuppa – just don’t drink it! No matter what colour hair you have, tea can make a great brightener: chamomile for blondes; rooibos for redheads, and black tea for black hair and brunettes.

All you will need is two relevant teabags and two cups of boiling water. Whenever you feel like a shine boost, simply soak the teabags in the boiling water until it has cooled to room temperature and then rub into your newly washed hair. Leave for ten minutes, and then wash and condition as usual to seal in the glossy results.

The reason this works is because tea lowers the pH of hair, and it also closes the cuticle so it is softer, shinier and more manageable. The pigment in tea can also reduce brassiness so you are left with a more natural colour.

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