Natural beauty treatments you can eat

Natural beauty treatments you can eat

They say beauty comes from within, so it makes sense to make sure that your beauty regime gets to the heart of the matter. Here are some top beauty nibbles:

For fewer wrinkles, eat kiwi fruit – they have more wrinkle-banishing vitamin C than oranges.

For softer skin, indulge in some sweet potato – its colour comes from beta-carotene, and when eaten this converts to vitamin A, which is great for the skin.

Low-fat yogurt is great for your teeth – not only does it contain calcium to build enamel, but it also has phosphorous for tooth strength.

For a flake-free scalp and glossy hair, eat walnuts. They are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which deals with dandruff, and copper, which will make you shine.

For radiant skin, drink cocoa. This gives twice as many antioxidant flavanols as red wine and is responsible for an increased blood flow, which will make you glow.

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