The dangers of buying fake cosmetics

The dangers of buying fake cosmetics

We all love a bargain, but sometimes the cost of getting one can be far too high – and cosmetics can certainly fall into this category because what you are buying may be a fake.

The trouble with buying fake cosmetics is that we have no idea of what has gone into their makeup (pardon the pun), and what may appear to be your favourite foundation, mascara or lipstick could in fact contain dangerous levels of chemicals, including arsenic. These chemicals can trigger anything from eye and skin infections and allergic reactions, to lead poisoning and heart, kidney and other major organ malfunction.

The most common place to buy counterfeit cosmetics is the Internet, with rogue sellers using selling platforms such as Amazon and eBay to peddle their dangerous goods with as many as eight out of ten products possibly being fake. And the trouble is, they look so convincing.

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