The truth about liposuction

The truth about liposuction

Many people associate being slim with having a healthy body. But while excess fat on the body does cause health problems, it’s the type of fat that matters most. Patients who think liposuction is a solution to health needs should take a moment to understand the different types of body fat. Liposuction removes subcutaneous fat, which resides below the skin. Many health problems are caused by visceral fat, which liposuction does not remove. So before considering liposuction for health reasons, understand what kind of fat is harming your body.

The LipoSite Reports 2012 study, which came out in November 2012 helps patients and doctors clarify that liposuction is effective in removing belly fat, but not in inner, visceral fat which leads to health problems. The study shows that exercise and healthy eating can only conquer diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease among others that are caused by visceral fat.

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