Is nowhere safe?

Is nowhere safe?

Is there anywhere you would be seen without makeup? According to statistics, more women are refusing to go anywhere without some cosmetics – even the gym!

Once upon a time, the gym used to be the place where you knew it was OK to have a beetroot face and still look the part, but that seems to be a thing of the past – and the Olympics are getting some of the blame for it.

Apparently, the nation watched in awe as perfect-looking Olympians entered and left the gym, and it wasn’t just their finely chiselled torsos that were the envy of us ordinary mortals, but their perfectly coiffed hair and immaculate makeup. According to a recent poll, this has led to an increase in the numbers of us entering that once sweaty portal wearing a minimum of mascara (the lash-lengthening variety of course) to seven out of ten women.

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