Cosmetics gets political

Cosmetics gets political

This month, Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with cosmetics company Lush in an attempt to get their customers to help fight with them for a sustainable future.

The eco-friendly fashion icon has chosen Lush because of the way that they operate. She says, “I was impressed by Lush – it’s run like a family business with the earth and its people as the priority.”

The Ethics Director of the handmade cosmetics company, Hilary Jones (and it says a lot about a company if they have an Ethics Director) is delighted to be working in partnership with Vivienne Westwood and members of the public, and hopes the initiative will focus people’s attention on more than getting a great bargain at this time of the year.

“Never before has a generation held sway over the existence of very existence of our planet,” she said, “and we need to face up to that.”

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