Olive oil yourself to gorgeousness

Olive oil yourself to gorgeousness

It would appear there is no end to the talents of olive oil. Not only can it help reduce cholesterol and make your heart happy, but it can also be used in numerous different ways as a natural beauty treatment.

For example, use it as a nail and cuticle soak to have salon-gorgeous talons, or alternatively, massage it into these areas. If you also suffer from dry hands, then rub the oil into them before you go to bed and then don a pair of light cotton gloves.

You can use olive oil as an effective lip balm to soften and moisturise, as well as using a few drops into your bath water as an all over moisturiser.

If your hair has split ends, don’t panic, olive oil will come to the rescue, and it can also be used in the fight against dandruff – and give you shiny hair.

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