ikoo E-Styler Hair Straightening Brush – Cotton Candy

ikoo E-Styler Hair Straightening Brush – Cotton Candy


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Reveal sleek and straight locks with the ikoo E-Styler Hair Straightening Brush. Designed to simultaneously brush and straighten hair, the styler is constructed with 37 individual ceramic plates, which ensure even heat application to hair without the need for any additional styling tools. The styler’s bristles glide through hair with minimal resistance, delivering tug and pain free styling, alongside straight and shiny results. Heating up in just 1-2 minutes, the brush boasts five varying temperature settings, which allow you to tailor your styling experience specifically to your hair type. The settings range from 150-230 °C, suitable for both fine and thick tresses. Automatically shutting off after 30 minutes, the styler is safe and simple to use. Expect straight hair that is free from tangles and flyaways, whilst boasting a silky, shiny and satin-like finish.

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