IOMA Vitality Sleeping Mask 50ml

IOMA Vitality Sleeping Mask 50ml


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Give skin a little TLC with the IOMA Vitality Sleeping Mask; a powerful, multi-purpose treatment that works while you sleep to pamper and nourish. Developed through rigorous skincare research, the cream-textured formula melts into skin overnight for optimum reception of benefits. On a daily basis skin is subject to stress, pollutants and free radicals that dull the complexion and lead to the emergence of fine lines – this face mask seeks to reverse the ageing process and stimulate cellular regeneration, fortified with a careful selection of vitamins, polysaccharides and Revitalin®. Suitable for all skin types, the recharging face mask intensively hydrates and refreshes the epidermal layer, enabling you to awaken to skin that feels soft, supple and revitalised with a healthy looking radiance.

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